June 22, 2012

June birthday

Now that summer is in full swing, that means its my birthday month! Nothing says birthdays like a personalized carrot cake for my bf and me. To all those June-bugs out there... best birthday month ever. Win!

June 20, 2012

Summer solstice

Today is officially the longest day of Summer!

Celebrate today by doing some of your favorite things of this season. Some of mine are: watermelon, lightening bugs, Central Park, Shakespeare in the Park, tourists (sometimes), museums, summer dresses, BBQ, lemonade, hot dogs, Coney Island, beaches, pooltime, sunscreen, sunglasses, school's out.....

June 18, 2012

St. Martin-Grand Case

Since I was the trusted camera-woman on our recent trip to St. Martin, I took the role very very seriously. Every chance I got, I was whipping out the camera like a really bad tourist. Thankfully, the bf was patient and played along. As the passenger in our rugged Jeep Wrangler, I had plenty of time to see the surroundings. We encountered every type of scenery you could want on a 35 square mile island. My favorite was seeing the colorful landscapes of the four major towns that we passed through as we drove around the island... Here are some of my favorite photos from a town on the French side called "Grand Case."

We found a pier in the little town and went exploring...

Some beautiful peaks surrounding the town.

At sunset, there were only a few locals hanging around, including one fisherman who had at least two bites while we were snapping pics!

Props to the bf for this picture

Island life: Stuffed baked crab at a local shop.

June 16, 2012


I saw this on the cover of TimeOut this week and couldn't help but smile. I can do Staycations like a pro. It seems like a common trend that New Yorkers want to get out of the city on the weekends to far off places like Long Island, Brooklyn (I know, its just too far!), Connecticut etc. But what's wrong with enjoying the immediate concrete jungle around you? Here are some ideas for some Staycations around NYC:

1. A day at the museum-there are surely more museums per block in this city than any other (besides maybe, D.C.). Try one out that you've never been to!
2. A day in the park-ditto to parks in this city. Pack a picnic, upload your favorite book on the Kindle and call it a park and play day!
3. Spend the day looking for the "best of" foods in NYC: this would include: bagels, pizza, burger, steak, french fries, cupcake, ice cream cone, fried chicken. The options are endless (as long as your stomach is too!)

Stay cool and enjoy the weekend!

June 11, 2012

Pictures of the week(end)!

What a beautiful summer weekend to have a wedding! I was lucky enough to attend one such event in Brooklyn, NY this past week. For all the *disdain* that Brooklyn gets for being..well, Brooklyn, I could think of no better place for my friends to get married. It was a lovely ceremony with a reception at the historic Williamsburgh Savings Bank that was straight from a scene in Gringotts. Definitely a picture -worthy place!

Williamsburgh Savings Bank Tower (who would have thought?!)

The interior: Bank teller window, metal window silhouettes, huge Romananesque limestone and marble columns.

And if my camera didn't run out of battery (rookie mistake), I would have been able to capture the antics during the afterparty, held in the basement vaults protected by four-feet thick doors.

Kensinger Photography

June 8, 2012

Up, up and away!

Happy June! I just came back from vacation and while did a great job of wearing my colorful shorts, did a poor job of taking many pictures on my iPhone. Until I get the photos off the bf's camera, here are some initial trip photos!

Passports flying around...need a holder!

I love pictures of plane wings, it looks like it could go for miles long! Good thing we had exit row seats!