June 18, 2012

St. Martin-Grand Case

Since I was the trusted camera-woman on our recent trip to St. Martin, I took the role very very seriously. Every chance I got, I was whipping out the camera like a really bad tourist. Thankfully, the bf was patient and played along. As the passenger in our rugged Jeep Wrangler, I had plenty of time to see the surroundings. We encountered every type of scenery you could want on a 35 square mile island. My favorite was seeing the colorful landscapes of the four major towns that we passed through as we drove around the island... Here are some of my favorite photos from a town on the French side called "Grand Case."

We found a pier in the little town and went exploring...

Some beautiful peaks surrounding the town.

At sunset, there were only a few locals hanging around, including one fisherman who had at least two bites while we were snapping pics!

Props to the bf for this picture

Island life: Stuffed baked crab at a local shop.

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