June 11, 2012

Pictures of the week(end)!

What a beautiful summer weekend to have a wedding! I was lucky enough to attend one such event in Brooklyn, NY this past week. For all the *disdain* that Brooklyn gets for being..well, Brooklyn, I could think of no better place for my friends to get married. It was a lovely ceremony with a reception at the historic Williamsburgh Savings Bank that was straight from a scene in Gringotts. Definitely a picture -worthy place!

Williamsburgh Savings Bank Tower (who would have thought?!)

The interior: Bank teller window, metal window silhouettes, huge Romananesque limestone and marble columns.

And if my camera didn't run out of battery (rookie mistake), I would have been able to capture the antics during the afterparty, held in the basement vaults protected by four-feet thick doors.

Kensinger Photography

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