June 16, 2012


I saw this on the cover of TimeOut this week and couldn't help but smile. I can do Staycations like a pro. It seems like a common trend that New Yorkers want to get out of the city on the weekends to far off places like Long Island, Brooklyn (I know, its just too far!), Connecticut etc. But what's wrong with enjoying the immediate concrete jungle around you? Here are some ideas for some Staycations around NYC:

1. A day at the museum-there are surely more museums per block in this city than any other (besides maybe, D.C.). Try one out that you've never been to!
2. A day in the park-ditto to parks in this city. Pack a picnic, upload your favorite book on the Kindle and call it a park and play day!
3. Spend the day looking for the "best of" foods in NYC: this would include: bagels, pizza, burger, steak, french fries, cupcake, ice cream cone, fried chicken. The options are endless (as long as your stomach is too!)

Stay cool and enjoy the weekend!

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