March 12, 2012

On the Streets

I was in Anthropologie last weekend and absolutely blown away with the interior design of this store (Chelsea Market). I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures! 

I saw this huge colorful picture frame at the bottom of the stairs.. and when I got closer....

It was actually composed of film slides that were painted-over in all colors of pastel!

There was also this free-standing structure made out of metallic hexagons on the floor.

March 6, 2012

Giving lip

Whipped Cherry Fruit Scrub
Let me just rant for one moment. I was in Sephora this weekend and the salesperson (innocuously dressed as a Sephora associate, but actually a salesperson for this brand, Bite), in my state of vulnerability in attempts to picking out a new lipstick color, tried to convince me that I needed this "exfoliate" my lips by using this product (shown above).

Stop. WHAT?

What does that mean? This "Whipped Cherry Fruit Scrub" has these tiny microbeads meant to "exfoliate" and packed with antioxidants, to "condition/smooth" the lips.  To  me, this is just an absolutely RIDICULOUS beauty practice. By introducing traumatic beads to your lips, aren't you actually destroying the natural protective layers of your mucosa? That's why most chapsticks are occlusive emollients, meant to lock in moisture. 

So instead, I got this yummy YSL lipstick (which does everything the name says it does) instead. 

YSL Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick
Beauty tip: Bring a friend with you when trying out colors (lipstick, eyes) you aren't sure about! 

March 5, 2012

Marley and Me


Happy Monday! My weekend movie of choice was "Marley and Me", a banal feel-good movie about a family and their crazy naughty & neurotic dog. This movie basically scared any dog-wishing desire straight out of me. I get the message of the movie was supposed to be about the unconditional love that pets can bring us, and Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson eventually forgive Marley for being the "worst dog ever", but seriously, Marley was rotten and destroyed $$$$$ of furniture and drove away the neighbors. Maybe I'll just stick to looking at dog pictures for now...