November 13, 2012

MM and Halloween!

Some mini-moments from the past week...

On a quest... to find buttons! I went to the Fashion district to find new buttons for my old interview suit. <$10 for these square beauties with a unique ornamentation. 

A very small glass of OJ or a large cup of coffee? Hmm....

My roommate's Halloween cupcake cat! He used Reese's cup for the ears, black licorice for the whiskers, sprinkles and lots of frosting!

Can never go wrong with double black choco cookies with white chips!

November 1, 2012

Happy Hallo-sandy!

Yikes how time flies! Sandy has come and gone. Not my first experience with apocalyptic NYC and its accompanying frenzy, but it definitely was scary! I spent the past 48 hours hiding inside and watching scary movies as the storm went by. Luckily, the part of NYC that I'm living in went by relatively unscathed from the Sandy-storm, but my lovely city and surrounding areas has been torn apart by this fury from Mother Nature. I will be back on a regular schedule of blogging soon, or soon to be blogging from the road as interview season starts!

In the meantime, here are some photos from the Food and Wine "Train and Trucks" event that I went to a few weeks ago. Some local NYC food trucks were featuring one item to sample from their trucks....I had everything from Big Gay Ice Cream sundaes to philly cheese steaks to brick-oven pizzas! Take a look!

"Bizzare Foods" host Andrew Zimmern's truck "AZ Canteen"

Mini sliders with carmelized onions, tomatoes on a pretzel bun from AZ Canteen
A beautiful fall day...waiting for food

Ice Cream sundaes!

Cheese Whiz or no?