January 23, 2013

Up, Up and away!

I have amassed a small collection of interesting photographs from my recent travels. Being a very frequent visitor to several different airports, I've come to appreciate the art and decor inside them. These go a long way to enhance your (short-lived, but sometimes looong) layovers before boarding. 

This photo doesn't do this sculpture justice. It's called "Brushstrokes in Flight" by  Roy Lichtenstein (American pop artist) at CMH. On a side note, Port Columbus, is well known for displaying community art. Always makes for a pleasant visit home!

A very large dino skeleton from the Field Museum and a replica of Butch O'Hare's famed fighter jet both call ORD (O'Hare) home. 

A dining table with Seat Belt Chairs from "the Hunger Games". The makers, Phillips Collection, are actually from High Point, NC. Fitting to be in the GSO airport (Piedmont Triad International).  

P.S. Made this photo collage with "Pic Stitch"

You can't NOT stop and take a picture of these. Fishes of the sea arranged in circles. I think I see a school of tuna fish! (from none other than MIA-Miami International Airport!)

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