January 8, 2013

A Nature Break

I've been staying with a friend in the wonderful state of North Carolina for the past couple of days. My first extended stay in the Mid-Atlantic states! In my mind, NC is lush, green and spacious. Boy was I right! There is still lots of green winter grass on the ground, the temperature is moderate and the silence around here is eerily comforting. A few mini-moments from our nature walk this past week in Bur-Mill Park (including a special sighting!):

Suburban houses nestled within Bur-Mil Park
No lush green leaves on the trees but isn't this path endless? 
I just loved this vantage point of Lake Brandt. 
And one of its local residents-the Great Blue Heron!

Owls Roost Trail- considered a path for advanced mountain biking!

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