January 1, 2013


I spent the past week celebrating the holidays with my family in Chicago. Indeed, the one and only Windy City. The chill of the lake effect hits you full frontal in the downtown areas of the city. Brought back from great memories of the times I was at Northwestern summer camp. We would be rewarded with trips to the "city" and frequently visiting Water Tower Place and walked the "Magnificient Mile." Of course, a few things have changed too.... keep reading to see more pictures!.

Chinatown meats...very much the same. The ducks glistening with  bbq sauce, a nice sight for hungry eyes. 
The Art Institute of Chicago (http://www.artic.edu/). The lion reminds me of the greeters that sit in front of the New York Public Library.

We had to make a visit to Millenium park, home of the famous metallic"Bean."

The one word that I would use to describe Chicago is "strong."  The city is largely architecturally homogenous, composed of steel buildings reminiscent of NYC Midtown. It's no wonder that its other nickname is "The City of the Big Shoulders," a show of appreciation for the Midwestern grunt that was used to build such a marvelous place. 
The one thing that did change... the Sears Tower is no longer named such! Now known as the Willis Tower, after its highest bidder. Naturally, native Chicagoans are NOT pleased. 

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