December 28, 2011

Where are we going?

emily c.
Diptych or Triptych is a popular photography technique used to tie together several photographs to tell a compelling story. A glorified collage in some ways. But the photographs can also do a marvelous job telling of telling a story, but comparing or contrasting a certain subject matter, or providing different perspectives. The earliest use of the term was actually dubbed for those hinged two-panel tablets the Christian church used to commemorate members of the local congregation: the living on one side, and the deceased on another.

The above series of photographs were taken by my sister on an Apple iTouch from her airplane seat on our recent vacation to Mexico. The middle panel even earned a complement from our father, a man who is exceptionally stingy with any photography accolades. I really loved how the color of the wing looks so stunning, reflecting the colors of the sky and clouds. I used a very simple free program called Picnik to string the photos into a collage, and applied rounded corners and thicker borders. And I organized them side-by-side to depict a sequence of events.

Here are several other examples:

A glimpse into: who's sitting here?

Providing two vantage points while standing in the same place.

This one is titled: "Open and close"

Since snapping a picture has never been so easy on your mobile device, there are many apps out there that can combine your digital photos into diptychs and tryptichs: PicframeDipticPhotoshake. I think its a great way of transforming single photos you didn't know what to do with (perhaps you went a bit overboard during that photo-sess with your dog?) into a cohesive artsy piece-of-work.

Have any favorites of your own you'd like to share? 

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