December 30, 2011

My three pet peeves of vacationing

Vacations are my fruits of life and I am blessed with family and friends that frequently do so. With the end of 2011 just around the corner, I went through my photos from this past year and found that I've been doing a darn well job of taking photos on my vacations. I think one of the more disappointing facets of vacation are when you come back, plug in your camera and find any of the following three situations:

(1) You didn't take enough pictures (Photo-stingy)
(2) You forget your camera and missed a good moment (Absentee camera)
(3) You don't appear in any photos because you were too busy snapping ones of everybody else (No Photographer left behind)

tourist with camera

All three of these are huge vacation gripes of mine. Obviously, for (1) and (3), this can be amended by shamelessly demanding pictures at every monument, gift shop, scenic spot and excursion site (as is always successfully done on my family vacation). If you wanna get in the shot, eliciting the help of fellow tourists is key. Especially those with large fancy cameras around their necks.

For (2), nearly every event, activity or excursion I've encountered recently had some sort of photograph pacakge you could purchase. Blinding flashes at the top of the roller coaster, hidden photographers behind the bushes. When my sister and I went on a ziplining course in Mexico, we got some great shots of us in the canopies, and there was even a video film package for purchase! Though the prices for these conveniences aren't cheap, GET THEM. You'll be glad you did.

"The Year in Vacations"... coming next!

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