January 26, 2014

Snowy Nights

Hello! Last post was over 7 months ago, time flies! This year has flown by and guess what? It's my last winter in NYC! It has definitely been a cold and frigid winter here-it's so funny how it always takes New Yorkers a few extra weeks to really get into the winter routine and outfit. Now we're in full-fledged bundle up weather. I have my usual routine of 1. big puffy winter coat 2. mittens lined with fleece 3. scarf: wrapped around twice and stuffed underneath my coat with face tucked in 4. hat or hood.

Here's a little secret. I love it when it's snowing in the city. Despite the constant whiplash of the cold air hitting your face and the bone-chilling wind that smacks your uncovered legs, I still love how magical it is to see snowflakes dancing in the air and making the first footprints in the virgin powder. It's a phenomenon of Mother Nature that still amazes me. This past week I ventured out in the snowstorm and couldn't help pulling out my iPhone to snap some pictures....

Snow's coming down hard.

Cars are tucked in for the night.

Quiet, untouched park. 

Church on First Avenue.

Shoveling snow in front of a school-yard. Snow day? 

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