December 9, 2012

Makeup galore!

One thing all girls love: makeup! I remember when I was growing up and excitedly collecting palettes , nail polishes and lip glosses (usually received as Xmas presents)...I couldn't wait to try them on my face! One online store that I loved buying from was agnes b., a French brand that no longer sells makeup! Now with the explosion of specialty stores like Sephora, girls can try on store makeup to their heart's delight!  When my friend over at comfybutfancy had her makeup done by a professional makeup artist for a trial wedding run, I knew the 14 year-old me (oh who am I kidding, the 26 year-old me) would be super psyched for documenting (and learning about!) every spray, swish, glossing! 

Every artist needs her tools and colors: here are the goods....the colors she picked out were perfect for a perfect bridal face!
Brushes, brushes and more brushes. One can never have too many brushes!

As a pro, its probably better to have colors in a palette than separate containers. Hint: diversify with many high quality cosmetic brands (some favorites of mine include NARS, MAC, Makeup forever) since color shades can vary and look different when applied to the skin! 

Airbrushing on foundation (Temptu) is a must for a long day of smiling and photos! Choose from six different shades for mix for even further customization.
Final touches including.... fake eyelashes, which come as either separately or a set! Plump up your natural lashes with mascara and then stick these on with special skin glue. We used the separate lashes, and attached several longer ones around the outer eye corners.

What was the final "look"? Well... that will only be revealed on the big day!

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