December 5, 2012

Birds in the Sky but no leaves on the ground

downy woodpecker (c/o google images)

great blue heron (thank you, google images)
The bf and I wanted to "get up and out" this Sunday. What should two lovely people do in the NYC wintry season that is nearly upon us, you ask?? Bird watching!

We trekked our way to Prospect Park for a free "Discovery tour" on a grey Sunday afternoon. With free binoculars, a bird-watchers pocket book and a knowledgeable tour guide, what else could two adventure seekers ask for?? The one-hour tour took us about 0.5 miles around the enormous Brooklyn landscape. New Yorkers are so used to looking down (and most likely, running into a dozen pigeons on your walk through the streets) that they never stop and look in the other direction: up. You begin to hear and see sights all around you which you quickly come to appreciate! We saw no less than a dozen different species of birds... including my favorite: the Great Blue Heron. What's even better, there were a handful of other people out bird-watching too....on their own volition! Take a look!

Leaves on the ground and none on the trees means winter is here! Though Prospect Park was by no means dead!

Prospect Park, reminds me of Central Park... with an absent skyline. 

Higher trees house hawks, the pond was home to several duck species, and shrubbery are perfect foliage for cardinals,  robins and woodpeckers!

What do you see????

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