May 3, 2012

Take me back to San Diego!

This is long overdue (forgive me!) but I recently enjoyed a little slice of heaven in the great city of San Diego. Though the California weather didn't hold up too well, I was impressed by the amazing quality of food & restaurants in the area we were staying in (the Gaslamp District). Let the pictures speak for themselves...

Proscuitto and tomato, mushroom baked omelette with butter on toast and fresh Cali fruit.-Cafe 21
Cafe Chloe
French water bottle from 1895. Put my glass of grapefruit mimosa behind  it for the neat lighting effect.
A pair of poached eggs with wild mushrooms and wild green salad...yum!

Chocolat Creperie...

....featuring Creamy decadent gelato!

On the last day, it was nice enough outside that we got to see the sunrise. These trees could definitely be in considered #strangetrees, don't you think?

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