May 7, 2012

Running Running around

Wet Test
My high arched footprint

I was strolling along Madison Avenue today and came across this specialty running shoe store with a large amount of shoes on sale displayed on the street. I grabbed a few pairs in my size and ran inside to try them on. I've always known that there's an entire science and culture behind running shoes but have never really dedicated any time to understanding what it was all about. Don't get me wrong,  I do my fair share of running around my favorite run in Central Park. But have never properly gotten fitted for a pair properly. 

Inside the store, the sales clerk asked me what model of shoes I wear now to run in. I immediately disclosed myself as a running novice (i.e. big dollar signs in his eyes, easy sell!) barely covering 5-10 miles a week. He evaluated my arch and weight and grabbed a few models from the back. He mentioned that light-weighted, normal-high arched runners fit best into a neutral cushion shoe. Whatever that means.... I threw on these comfy sneaks and felt like I was walking on the moon! I'm also a sucker for a good deal and at 50% off and the Harry Potter reference, the Asics Gel Nimbus 13 were mine!

Naturally, the first thing I did when I got home was to investigate what the Internet has to say about all this. has a wealth of information from determing your arch type via the "Wet Test" as well as figuring out the best shoe for you (see below). 

Now, let's see how the Nimbus 13 fared, eh? 
Known as the down comforter of running shoes by I'll take that as a good thing!
Indeed the extra layers of gel and foam make for a super cushioned shoe. They are also incredibly lightweight, coming just under 12 oz.

Update: took these puppies on a spin yesterday around the park. They are heaven! The left shoe seems to be a bit tighter but I loosened the laces and it seemed to be alright.

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  1. i'm sure asics got their inspiration for their shoe name from the same source ms. rowling did: classical latin. just saying.

    been meaning to get some new shoes myself - though the barefoot/minimalist craze has been capturing my imagination lately...