April 26, 2012

Climb on!

Okay this post is long overdue. I apologize profusely to my (few and loyal) readers. Blogger seems to have gone a recent upgrade and as such, my super-restrictive work broswer has become unsupportive of Blogger. But against all odds, I blog on.
My latest adventures come in the flavor of outdoor activities, namely, outdoor rock climbing. I was first introduced to indoor rock climbing (there are a few good places in NYC such as Brooklyn Boulders and Chelsea Piers) with a Living Social coupon for a discounted Belay class and 2 climbing sessions. Similarly, outdoor rock climbing sessions with Barry Rusnock at Riverview Outdoor Adventures have been featured on discount sites such as Google Offers, Zozi, etc. This is where my adventures starts.

The Intro to Rock Climbing class takes you to Allamuchy State Park in Central NJ. Getting out of the city, yay! 

You learn the basics of rope-typing. rock climbing and belay technique.

 The formidable rocks were introduced as: "If God made a place for rock climbing, this place would be it".

There is certainly technical footwork that is advantageous for specific situations.

A chalk bag and sturdy climbing shoes go a long way to keep you from slipping.

As it turns out, rock climbing is predominantly about mental strategy and less about physical prowess or stamina. You start at the ground by mentally preparing yourself and surveying the climb's topography. If you stare long enough, the nooks and crannies of the rock begin to pop out and become inviting footholds and grips.  Learn how to trust your belay partner.
There were a few phrases that stuck with me.
  • When you're panicking on the climb, what is one thing you can do right now to change your position?
  • If you can step on it, you can stand on it.
  • You're either climbing or you're resting.
The day ended with a nice attempt at repelling down and a final climb back up. Hurray for Amazing Race building skills!

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  1. Amazing race!!1 aahh, we have a couple more years to prep I think. =)