February 2, 2012

Park Avenue Foodies

Ah, to be young and live in NYC and enjoy a two hour lunch break at work... why? All in the name of Restaurant Week! Conveniently located a few short blocks from my workplace is a lovely Park Ave establishment called Park Avenue Winter. The restaurant changes with the seasons and the local produce to feature some of the scrumptious culinary delights! For mere pennies (..sort of), we dined like queens! It was a lovely wintery feast with my workmates.

On the lunch menu today was...

APPETIZER: The Park Avenue Winter Seared Scallop “Sandwich”-delicious bacon crumbles and diced potatoes up top of thinly seared scallops and a perfectly buttered toast

ENTREE: Berkshire Pork Chop, Cider Roasted Quince -deliciously seared, with yummy brussel shavings 

DESSERT: Toasted Rice Panna Cotta with Golden Pineapple -veeerrry pineappley.....not the biggest fan, but I had to do it for the Cotta!

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  1. This post made me so hungry. Also, how could you possibly pass up the chilled banana parfait for dessert?!